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Name:An Obi-Wan fan creations community
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World of Kenobi

One Obi, two Obi, sub Obi, Dom Obi?

Have Obi-Wan related fanfic, fan art, graphics, meta? It's all welcome here.

Is Obi-Wan your fandom bicycle? Come on in. We welcome all ships featuring our favorite Jedi.

Community Rules

1. Don't be a jerk. (If you see someone being a jerk, let the mod - [personal profile] raptureofthemoon - know.

2. No shaming (ships, kinks or otherwise). Yes, technically that falls under "don't be a jerk," but I figured I'd get specific.

3. Content must feature Obi-Wan as a main character.

Posting Rules

When posting fiction or art, use the following header:

Author/Artist Name:
Summary (include links to where else your work is archived if you like):

When posting fiction longer than 100 words or large or NSFW graphics, please use a cut. You can find information on using a cut here:

Make sure you check the Tag Page when you're adding tags to your post.

Feel free to crosspost your content from your own blog(s), AO3, etc.

Affiliated with [community profile] all_maul. All Dark Lord of the Sith, all the time.

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